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List of Contributors
PrefacePaikiasothy Saravanamuttu
Editor’s IntroductionAsanga Welikala
Cover IllustrationChandraguptha Thenuwara
Volume 1
Part I – The Sri Lankan Presidency: Institutional Characteristics
1.     Bonapartism and the Anglo-American Constitutional Tradition in Sri Lanka: Reassessing the 1978 ConstitutionRadhika Coomaraswamy
2.     Parliament in a Presidential SystemReeza Hameed
3.     The Judiciary under the 1978 ConstitutionNihal Jayawickrama
4.     The Presidency and the Supreme Court: The Constitutional Jurisprudence of Presidential Powers under the 1978 ConstitutionSachintha Dias
5.     The Executive Presidency and Immunity from Suit: Article 35 as OutlierNiran Anketell
6.     An Eager Embrace: Emergency Rule and Authoritarianism in Republican Sri LankaDeepika Udagama
7.     Human Rights and the 1978 ConstitutionLaksiri Fernando
8.     The Executive and the Shadow State in Sri LankaAmbika Satkunanathan
Part II – Policy Rationales for Presidentialism: The Management of Pluralism and Economic Development
9.     The Devolution of Power and the Executive PresidencyLuwie Ganeshathasan
10.  Flawed Expectations: The Executive Presidency, Resolving the National Question, and TamilsKumaravadivel Guruparan
11.  Presidentialism, the 1978 Constitution, and the MuslimsA.M. Faaiz
12.  Economic Development and the Executive PresidencyRajesh Venugopal
Part III – Kingship and Presidentialism: Historical Continuities between Past and Present
13.  Nation, State, Sovereignty and Kingship: The Pre-Modern Antecedents of the Presidential StateAsanga Welikala
14.  Cosmology, Presidentialism and J.R. Jayewardene’s Constitutional ImaginaryRoshan de Silva Wijeyeratne
15.  The ‘Line’ between Religion and PoliticsAnanda Abeysekera
16.  Jathika Chinthanaya and the Executive PresidencyKalana Senaratne
17.  Mahinda Rajapaksa as Modern Mahavasala and Font of Clemency? The Roots of Populist AuthoritarianismMichael Roberts
Volume 2
Part IV – Presidentialism: Comparative Perspectives
18.  Failure of Quasi-Gaullist Presidentialism in Sri LankaSuri Ratnapala
19.  Making of the Imperial U.S. President: A ReviewMark Hager
20.  Exporting the American Presidential System to Sri Lanka: A Sceptical View of the Prospects for Democratic Consolidation under and Executive President in a Plural SocietyNikhil Narayan
21.  The French Fifth RepublicKamaya Jayatissa
22.  Centralising Authority: Comparing Executive Power in India and Sri LankaRehan Abeyratne
Part V – Presidentialism, Democracy and Pluralism: Alternative Constitutional Forms
23.  Some Pillars for Lanka’s FutureMichael Roberts
24.  A Reflection on National Unity, the Presidency, and the Institutional Form of the Sri Lankan StatePaikiasothy Saravanamuttu
25.  Unconventional Conventions: Power Partnerships in the Sri Lankan ExecutiveH. Kumarasingham
26.  The Overmighty Executive ReconsideredChandra R. de Silva
27.  The Executive Presidency: A Left PerspectiveJayampathy Wickramaratne
28.  Constitutionalism and Sri Lanka’s Gaullist Presidential SystemRohan Edrisinha
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